The natural supplement industry has long been focused on the needs of women seeking hormonal help for issues such as menopause.

The use of estrogenic plants – plants that have estrogens in them that naturally work to balance hormones – has been very popular.

However, the use of plants with phytoandrogen properties – plant androgens that can be used for natural supplements for men with low testosterone – is extremely new and was overlooked for a long time.

I asked Dr. Steven Buhner, author of “The Natural Testosterone Plan ( for his advice on the best natural supplements for men with low testosterone.

Here is his advice… 

The Best Natural Supplements For Men
With Low Testosterone:

Pine Pollen


It’s common sense.

If there are plants that contain molecularly identical estrogens to those in the female body, then there must be some that contain testosterone just like in the male body.

And indeed there are.  Probably the most potent of those is pine pollen.

Pine pollen is produced by pine trees in the hundreds of millions of tons every year.

But the fascinating thing about it is that it has testosterone in it, an extremely natural form identical to the testosterone in our bodies.

For this reason, Dr. Buhner feels that pine pollen is one of the absolute best natural supplements for men with low testosterone.

There are two ways you can take pine pollen as a natural supplement to increase testosterone.

The Chinese have used it for at least 3,000 years for helping male vitality and libido and reproductive problems.

The method they used for supplementing naturally was simply to take it as a food.

You see, pine pollen is actually a very potent food source loaded with protein, vitamins and enzymes.

Consuming it regularly in the diet will begin to naturally raise testosterone levels and tone the reproductive system.

Another method for taking pine pollen as a natural supplement to raise testosterone is to use an alcoholic tincture you take orally.

All you do is hold the tincture dosage in your mouth for about 30 seconds to 1 minute and then swallow it.

Consuming it this way, the supplement goes right through the mucus membranes of the mouth and the throat into the bloodstream, bypassing the stomach where it may have been destroyed.

Men with low testosterone will see an increase in testosterone levels in about 20 to 30 minutes along with a noticeable upsurge of vitality as the supplement begins to correct testosterone imbalances almost right away.

The Best Natural Supplements
For Men With Low Testosterone:

Nettle Root

One of the problems for men with “low T” is that the testosterone in our body is attached to a hormone-binding molecule that renders much of it inactive.

Nettle root is a natural supplement that interferes with that binding, freeing up more active testosterone for use in the body.

Nettle root also helps in making sure that the testosterone isn’t converted to estrogen in the body and instead is maintained as a potent androgen to keep testosterone levels high.

The Best Natural Supplements For
Men With Low Testosterone:

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is a very popular natural supplement for increasing testosterone.

It’s often used in bodybuilding supplements to boost testosterone for muscle growth, therefore it’s also a powerful supplement for men suffering from “low T”.

Tribulus works by acting on the mechanisms in the body that actually create testosterone and stimulates them to produce more.

Adding Tribulus to the other two compounds provide an effective plan using the best natural supplements for men with low testosterone.