I know I’m going to catch hell for this 😉

But I know everybody wants the magic pill (or in this case, cream) to lose belly fat, right?

Common sense would tell you that this method of spot reducing belly fat doesn’t work but supplement companies and cosmetic producers also know that people want an easy way out.

By providing a cream to magically erase belly fat, they know that women will buy it by the bucket load in hopes that it will help them lose fat in their midsection.

In other words…beware of bogus belly fat cream scams!

But could there actually be hope for a topical “belly fat cure”?

Well, actually have been some recent advancements in topical creams that seem to work on fat cells from the outside in.

How they target belly fat is by acting with the subcutaneous belly fat cells – these are the fat cells that are just under the skin.

Belly Fat Attack:
The Science Of Fat Loss Creams

The new generation of belly fat creams appear to work in multiple ways at attacking stomach fat.

First, anyone who has ever yo-yoed with their weight loss diet, knows that preventing weight gain after losing it is a constant battle.

The new creams therefore work within the fat cells to actually prevent them from storing more fat.

But there’s another problem as well.

Without the right diet or exercise plan, your body will continue to manufacture new fat cells and these cells can continue to increase belly fat as they mature and get bigger and bigger.

Scientists therefore built into these new creams the task short circuiting the maturation of newly formed fat cells.

Lose Belly Fat And Tone Your Skin

As an added benefit, many of the new belly fat creams on the market work not only on the fat cells from the inside but also double as a skin toner.

If you have thinning or sagging skin, then there is a possibility that these ointments may help to tighten your skin, reducing wrinkling and cellulite to make your stomach fat less noticeable

Active Ingredients That Really Work

Strangely enough, one of the main ingredients in the next generation of belly fat creams is a compound that you may actually “use” every day…caffeine.

That may seem kind of strange to you but even actress Halle Berry has been known to spread coffee grounds on her legs to tone them up and reduce cellulite.

When it comes to spot reducing, and especially targeting certain areas like your stomach fat, researchers have found that topical caffeine encouraged subcutaneous fat oxidation and it helped to reduce cellulite in the treated area as well.

That’s a pretty amazing finding for something that we’re used to just having with our morning newspaper.

Are Belly Fat Creams A “Magic Bullet”?

Hell NO!

If you’re trying to lose weight and want to target your midsection, slathering on a cream is not going to magically erase your stomach fat.

You still have to pay attention to following a healthy, nutritional diet and to exercise.

However, if you struggle with excess stomach fat and sagging skin, you may want to test the addition of these next-generation creams to see if you get faster, more noticeable results.

If you do give it a try, I highly recommend you go with a reputable brand.

Stay away from those hokey infomercials or any ad that promotes the product as a quick fix or complete solution without coming clean with the obvious fact that you really need to follow a sound diet and exercise plan as your foundation to lose belly fat.