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Diets are the enemy!

Anyone who’s ever tried the “traditional” way of losing weight knows that diets make you insane, frustrated, and fat! (Yeah, I said it!)

What you need are “weapons of fat destruction” that will obliterate body fat lightening quick and transform your smushy figure into a lean, mean, sexy machine…fast!

That’s why I’ve recruited an “A-Team” of weight loss and self-improvement experts to join me in providing you with the very best fast weight loss tips you can put to use right away in your own weight loss program.

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Is your excess body fat affecting more than just how you look?

How’s your self confidence been lately?

Love life doing ok?

As a best-selling author and fitness coach, I’ve come to learn that your life reflects your body, your body reflects your mind, and your mind reflects your spirit.

When you nurture all three, amazing things happen:

  • Your friends, family, and co-workers beg you for your “fast weight loss secret”
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Sound like a tall order? It doesn’t have to be!

The “Do This – Burn Fat” mission is to provide you with the most cutting edge strategies to supercharge every area of your life to LOOK great…FEEL great…and BE great!

I look forward to sharing this journey with you!

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson
Best-Selling Author & Fitness Coach